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 Lizardman Scale (C)

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Aki Ayakashi

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PostSubject: Lizardman Scale (C)   Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:31 pm

Request Title: Lizardman Scale
Rank: C
Client: Sato Sadahige
Rewards: 7500J / 500XP
Location: Magnolia, East Forest
Special Requirements: N/A
Details: "I need a lizardman scale for my latest piece of art! Please bring one to me, but be careful, as lizardmans can be pretty violent."

-Take the request and meet with Sato at his home.
-He will invite you in and show you around his atelier and his art works.
-After that, head out to East Forest to find a lizardman.
-After finding, try to get a scale. They are pretty sturdy so it can be a bit hard. Try not to kill the poor lizardman.
-After getting a scale, go back to Sato.
-Get your reward.
Name: Sato Sadahige
Age: 31
Description: Sato is a very calm and mannered man. He lives for art and makes his works using very unique items, which leads him to look for a lizardman scale. He will be your client.

Name: Lizardman
Rank: C
Description: A classic lizardman that has a humanoid, green, scaled body. The head parts looks like it belongs to an alligator. He has a pretty foul language, though. Lizarman has B-Ranked health, with all other stats being C.
Attacks: He will deal C-Ranked damage with his fangs, punches, claws and tail. When he drops to C-Rank health, he will then do B-rank damage.
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Lizardman Scale (C)

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