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 Paying the Dues

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Z-Rank (Male)
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PostSubject: Paying the Dues    Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:55 pm

Request Title: Paying the Dues
Rank: D
Client: The Magic Council
Rewards: 5000J and 500XP
Location: The Great Library, Era
Special Requirements: Must be a Rune Knight page, must have completed Initation.
Details: "Did you think we would allow you into the battlefield, young page? Before we are knights, we are servants. Servants to the King. Therefore, before we can learn how to fight, we must learn to serve. The Master Librarian at the Great Library requires your assistance,"

- Go to the Great Library and meet with the Master Librarian.
- Start speaking to him about the job and he will begin to talk about what he wants you to do.
- It seems like some books are in the incorrect shelf and he wants you to sort it out while he goes on a break.
- Although you may be reluctant, it is all apart of paying your dues. Do what he asks and he will compensate you with some jewels. Don't tell the boss though!
- If you are curious, you may ask about the demonic "Seven Nights Grimoires" that is supposedly being stored in the Library. If you do, he will start to get defensive and will usher you out, jewels in hand.

Name: Master Librarian.
Age: 73
Description: A sagely looking man who seems to have an air of being cultured and well read around him. He will speak in a soft and fairly deep voice. While he was a handsome and stoic man in his youth, time has certainly made him friendlier and he will happily chat with you if the topic is about books. He is a good friend of the King's and they attended school together. If the topic comes up, expect him to boast about that.
Abilities: N/A
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Paying the Dues

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