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 Catch that Fox!

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Hazme Yukino

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PostSubject: Catch that Fox!   Sun Nov 09, 2014 5:33 pm

Request Title: Catch that Fox!
Rank: D
Client: Jorge
Rewards: 3500J/500XP
Location: Hargeon Park
Special Requirements: N/A
Details: "A wild baby red fox has been doing a big mess around my store, he eats from the garbage and sometimes eats food from my shop, its really annoying and I would like you to make something with it, I really don't care what, but please take him away from my store! A tried to catch it already but I failed, if you catch it and you prove to me that it was you I will give you a reward" -Jorge.

Name: Jorge
Age: 43
Description: Jorge is a big fat man, he has a brown beard that reaches his chest and doesn't like to give money. He will try to argue and convince himself that you where not the one who cached the fox, he is very impulsive and will get mad after paying you, so if you convince him to give you the reward good for you, but a recommendation, Go out of there before he changes his opinion!
Abilities: Argue. He will not fight, he will only argue with you, saying that you don't deserve the money.
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Catch that Fox!

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