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 VI. Relationships

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PostSubject: VI. Relationships   Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:11 pm

In order to create a more realistic and engrossing experience, we have decided to add a 'relationship' system to the forum. Relationships can range from anything from general (acquaintances, friends, etc) to romantic (spouse, lovers, etc). While most relationship will be between two player characters, a relationship can also be obtained with non playable characters (NPCs). NPCs will have their own personalities, likes, dislikes and so on. Your relationship with the NPCs will, of course, affect how others will perceive you.

If you are a D-Rank mage with no real renown and you suddenly befriend a S-Rank mage that is known throughout all of Fiore, you will shoot up in fame as well, if only a bit. Of course, you will be known as the "sidekick", but it's better than nothing, right? Below are the several different kind of 'relationships' you can enter with other characters. There are certain requirements you will have to fulfill before you can establish a relationship with another character.

- Comrades, Nakama, whatever your word for it is, you two are close, even closer than mere guildmates. The pair of you are either considered a fearsome duo or apart of the same team. Think of Sting/Rogue or Jet/Droy. When doing missions together, you will both receive a 20% jewel increase each.

- Romantically involved in one way or another. At this stage, your love is still continuing blossom. Perhaps it is like Levy and Gajeel, two people who clearly like each other but are too proud to admit it, or is it more similar to Alzack and Bisca? Either way, any two people with this icon are very fond of each other. When doing missions together, you will receive a 20% jewel increase each.

- For the lack of a better word, soulmates. Any two people with this icon are pretty much incomplete without the other. They are almost certainly romantically involved, although they may or may not be married. When doing missions together, you will receive a 40% jewel increase each.

- You literally despise this person. You cannot bare to be in the same room as them. Whatever wrong they have committed against you is unforgivable. No matter what they try to do to redeem themselves, they will always be scum in your eyes. You two cannot do a mission together.

- You have broken someone's heart, or had your heart broken if you have this icon in your profile. It does not have to be a romantic rejection. For example, if a character betrays a guild or another person, they may obtain this status. You two cannot do a mission together.

More possible statues will be added as time goes on. In order to achieve icons in your profile, you must RP regularly. If you and (insert name here) are consistently doing missions together, it won't be long before you see the comrade icon show up in your profile, and so on.
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VI. Relationships

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