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PostSubject: Dragon Roster   Sun Oct 19, 2014 4:52 pm

Common Tier - Dragons who have shown up time and time again in the record books. Although their last sighting may have been decades ago, they are still believed to exist, and it is a well documented fact that some of these Dragons have taken on disciples.
  • Igfyre the Fire Dragon
  • Tyrath the Iron Dragon
  • Xalanth the Water Dragon
  • Raizer the Lightning Dragon
  • Vezoth the Poison Dragon
  • Azure the Rose Dragon
  • Borealis the Sky Dragon

Rare Tier - Dragons with questionable existences. They have shown up in history books before, although those books are incredibly old and their accounts may not be completely accurate. These dragons are believed to be extinct and users of their magics are generally believed to be lacrima based.
  • Volos the Frost Dragon
  • Izanagi the Shadow Dragon
  • Vespian the Holy Dragon
  • Tiamat the Tempest Dragon
  • Decimus the Solar Dragon
  • Tatsuo the Earth Dragon
  • Diane the Lunar Dragon

Very Rare Tier - Dragons who are believed to have never existed, or at the very least, they are long gone. Some would even argue that these dragons were merely weaker dragons who's strengths was widely blown out of proportion.
  • Sephira the Cyber Dragon
  • Rydarar the Wind Dragon
  • Aremur the Sanguine Dragon
  • Aeromi the Diamond Dragon

Mythical Tier - These are dragons who's abilities apparently exceed human comprehension. Stories like "The Dragon who Swallowed the Sun" or "The Festival of the Dragon King" feature dragons who are in this tier. Many cults have even sprung up in worship of these divine beasts. Not many believe they exist but those who do claim that they are the strongest beings to have ever existed.
  • Wujon the Time Dragon
  • Ryujon the Space Dragon
  • Tien the Celestial Dragon
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Dragon Roster

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