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 Tyrath, the Iron Dragon

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PostSubject: Tyrath, the Iron Dragon   Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:18 pm

Name: Tyrath, the Lord of Iron

Gender: Male

Element: Iron

Known Disciple(s): N/A

Appearance: Even amongst dragons, Tyrath is nothing short of huge. Unlike other dragons, Tyrath seems to lack a tail. Whether he lost it in a fight or he never had one to begin with is unknown but he doesn't really seem to care. The back of his body is completely covered in spikes, making him almost impossible to mount. He possess two eyes on the side of his head, neither of which seem to have pupils or irises.

Personality: Like his rival, Igfyre, Tyrath also posses an incredibly fiery temper. He is quick to get angry, slow to forgive and after living so long, he has become very hard to excite. He is incredibly lazy and somewhat self important, believing his kind to be superior to humans. Due to this, unlike Igfyre, he does not often concern himself with the affairs of humans. He would much rather watch their petty wars from the skies rather than actively participate. His attitude towards taking a human as a disciple is non existent, although his negative views on mankind sway his view towards the unwilling side. So far, he has yet to battle any Dragon Slayers although he has seen firsthand what kind of power they posses.

History: When Tyrath first opened his eyes, he realized that the other members of his nest had long gone, the only thing remaining of them being the eggshells from which they hatched from. At first, Tyrath ate his own eggshell and later on the shells of his siblings, and he quickly grew stronger. Soon enough, he was able to spread his wings and fly away, although for his first few years, he would continue to return to the nest where he was born, in hopes that someone might return. However, as he got older, he also got more daring and eventually flew to other lands, never to return home. While he was young, he was a lot smaller than other dragons but it soon became obvious that Tyrath was only a late bloomer as he quickly grew in size and stature. Even today, Tyrath continues to explore, quietly observing.
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Tyrath, the Iron Dragon

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