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 Igfyre, the Fire Dragon

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PostSubject: Igfyre, the Fire Dragon   Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:38 pm

Name: Igfyre, the King of Flames

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Known Disciple(s): N/A

Appearance: Almost ten times the size of a normal human, Igfyre, is to say the last, gigantic. He was born the size of a full grown human male and has not stopped growing since, and that was almost 400 years ago. Living for almost 400 years has taken it's toll on the old dragon though, as he has been involved in several wars, himself being the cause of many of them, he has seen many people die, some he personally killed, some he wished to protect. The innumerable amount of scars on his body only serve as a reminder to him that he is what he is - the King of Flames, the legendary master of fire.

Personality: If one were to guess what kind of personality a Fire Dragon had, then it is likely that they would guess a 'fiery' personality, and in a nutshell, that just sums up Igfyre. Easily angered and easily excited, Igfyre, unlike many of his kind, used to actively involve himself with the affair of humans. He has been sighted many times, and more often than not, it would be whole cities that he revealed himself to, enjoying the 'view from the heavens'. He actively participated in wars, taking his own side, and raining fire on soldiers regardless of the flag they bore. By all means, though, Igfyre does not have any sort of superiority complex. He does not believe himself to be better than humans. He has come face to face with Dragon Slayers before, and is not against the idea of teaching a human magic. However, the person he teaches it to would have to be, in Igfyre's words, a person with fire in their heart and their stomach. So far, he has not found a person who has those qualities.

History: Igfyre, himself, is quite confused about how he came into existence. He supposed he had parents, but they disappeared not long after his birth. Although he was technically an 'orphan', survival was not difficult for him. At first, he found out that he was unable to fly, and as a result was forced to hunting on the ground. At the time, wildlife and plant life were abundant, Igfyre never went hungry. By the time he was 10, still a toddler by Dragon standards, he was already much bigger than most beings. It was around this time that he began to flap his wings and take to the skies.
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Igfyre, the Fire Dragon

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