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 The Mayor's Hair Trouble (D)

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Z-Rank (Male)
Z-Rank (Male)
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PostSubject: The Mayor's Hair Trouble (D)   Fri May 02, 2014 7:11 pm

Name: The Mayor's Hair Trouble
Location: Magnolia Park
Requester: Mayor of Magnolia
Request Rank: D
Reward: 5000J and 500XP
Details: The mayor of Magnolia, an old but wise looking man has run the city for the past few decades, and is gradually getting on in years. He has long since lost his hair, and seems to have misplaced his wig somewhere in the park. Too frail to get it himself, and to embarrassed to ask someone else to do it, he has enlisted your help. Go to the park, find the wig, and collect your reward. Seems simple enough, right?
Other Details: N/A
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The Mayor's Hair Trouble (D)

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