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  Murder At The Shrine(C)

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PostSubject: Murder At The Shrine(C)   Fri Mar 06, 2015 4:02 pm

Request name: Murder At The Shrine
Request rank: C
Client name: Dahlia Gallant
Objective: A lady is murdered at a local shrine. There are only a few suspects that could have done it. Find the clues to the murderer and catch him/her.
Location: Magnolia
Reward: 5000J / 500XP
Request description: "Our local shrine is shattered with a horrible murder. One of our workers, Emely Bly, was murdered via burning. Since we think it's a magic user, we seek the help of any mages that can help. None of us use magic, or so we thought.
Request details:
-Take the request from a request board.
-Make your way to the address depicted in the paper.
-Meet Dahlia and listen to the job's details.
-Learn that no one is able to use magic from the possible suspects.
-Investigate the are and find at least two clues. You can choose any of the suspects for the culprit.
-Declare the murderer and the accomplice and get attacked while protecting the innocent suspects.
-The murderer will attack you with fire magic, defeat him/her and call the local services to take them. The culprit will use physical skills.
-Don't forget to find out the motive!
-Collect your reward from the sole left suspect.

Name: Dahlia Gallant
Description: A very old lady who worked in the service of the shrine for many years. She is very devoted to her deity, Alessa, and will try to bring you in to believe in her after the fight with the murderer (If she wasn't the one).
Role: Client / Suspect

Name: Tara Goodin
Description: A middle-aged woman that has the job of keeping the shrine clean. She is very shy and good looking. She will try her best to not to speak to you while you are there and will shly flirt with you after the fight with murderer regardless of gender (If she wasn't the one).
Role: Suspect

Name: Eden Perren
Description: A young man who dresses very nicely and is pretty relaxed. Does the shipping and shopping jobs for the shrine he lives in. He has short brown hair with reddish eyes. He will openly flirt with you after the fight with murderer regardless of gender (If he wasn't the one).
Role: Suspect

Name: The Culprit
Rank: B
Abilities: Fire Magic: The Culprit is able to use fire based magic from rank D to C due to his/her long years of keeping it hidden. However, they still have B-Ranked health and B-Ranked speed.
Description: The culprit you found thanks to the clumsy clues left by them. Can be any of the suspects. The culprit will try to run after they are dealt C-Ranked amount of damage. Don't let them!
Role: The Culprit.

Name: The Accomplice
Rank: C
Abilities: The accomplice has C-Ranked health, speed and can deal C-Ranked hits with it's fists and kicks.
Description: The person who tricked the victim at the time of murder. can be any of the suspects except the one you chose for the culprit. Cannot use magic but can deal C-Ranked hits.
Role: The Accomplice.
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Murder At The Shrine(C)

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