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 Roughing up the Ruffians

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Z-Rank (Male)
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PostSubject: Roughing up the Ruffians   Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:41 pm

Request Title: Roughing up the Ruffians
Rank: D
Client: The Magic Council
Rewards: 5000J and 500XP
Location: Harumi, Era
Special Requirements: Must be a Rune Knight page, Initation must be completed, Paying the Dues must be completed, The Basics of Combat must be completed.
Details: "Out for a stroll as well, page? Me too. Era is really beautiful at this time of day... wait, I hear screaming. Ah! A young woman is being assaulted by a couple of hooligans over there! Come on!"

- You are taking a walk around Era when you spot Gwyn. Regardless of whether you are social enough to approach him or not, he will recognize you from the previous mission and approach you.
- While the two of you are chatting, you will suddenly hear screaming from near you.
- Turn towards the source of the screams and you will see a young woman being harassed by four young looking ruffians. It looks like things are about to get physical.
- On Gwyn's order, go after the ruffians! Even if you cannot take down all four of them yourself, Gwyn will assist you.
- Gwyn will use his Archive to call for a squad on patrol to arrest the defeated ruffians. The young lady will thank you for helping her.

Name: Gywn, the Knight of the Night (Instructor)
Age: 28
Description: A fairly well built and 'pretty' man in his late 20s. He stands at an average height of 178cm. While he is fairly popular with the ladies due to his dashing good looks and charm, he is also quite respected amongst his subordinates due to his accomplishments within the Rune Knights. He will treat you quite well, talking to you in an encouraging manner regardless of your gender. Even if you are a girl, while on duty, you are still a Rune Knight and only a Rune Knight. He'd probably be more flirty in a more casual setting though!
Abilities: Sword of the Depths (Water based holder magic)

Ruffians x4:
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Roughing up the Ruffians

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