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 Barista Work! (D)

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Aki Ayakashi

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PostSubject: Barista Work! (D)   Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:40 am

Request Title: Barista Work!
Rank: D
Client: Serjan Mante
Rewards: 5000J / 500XP
Location: Clover
Special Requirements: N/A
Details: "Our barista is sick and away. But we need a replacement for a day. We will pay you a moderate amount for your service."

-Take the request and make your way Serjan's shop.
-You'll see that the place is filled with customers and Serjan will quickly rush towards you.
-He won't have any time to explain a lot but he will give you a very basic what-to-do.
-Work until your shift is over, and Serjan will thank you with gratitude. He will then reward you.

Name:  Serjan Mante
Age: 24
Description: A young man with olive skin and light brown eyes. He has short black hair and a stubble. He will be your client and help you during the work.
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Barista Work! (D)

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