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 Zeil Mission I (C)

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PostSubject: Zeil Mission I (C)   Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:08 pm

Request Title: Zeil Mission I
Rank: C
Client: Fade Mage
Rewards: 7500J / 1000XP
Location: Any City
Special Requirements: N/A
Details: While walking the streets of any city, you might encounter with an old mage who will take an interest on you. He will ask you to teleport you to a realm known as Zeil to take care of some troubles there that he fears that might effect our world.

-Encounter the old mage on the streets of any city.
-He will take interest on you and will ask to go to a realm known as Zeil to fix the distortions happening there.
-If you agree, he will, with a touch, send you to the realm.
-You'll see that the realm is invaded by small, purple fiends. Zeil will take a form based on your mind, so be ready for anything.
-Fight the fiends, if you are successful, you will find yourself back in the streets, but the old man will be gone.
-You'll see that he left your reward in a bag in front of you, collect it and return to your normal life.

Name:  Fade Mage
Age: 29
Description: An old man who wears a brown cloak that hides his face. He will approach you if you have enough power for this mission.

Name: Preta (X10)
Description: Pretas are small, ugly fiends that are pretty energetic and have a foul mind. They smell really bad and make cryptic laughing noises every so often.
Abilities: Pretas have all their abilities at C-Rank. They will deal slashing damage with their claws and might bite to cause piercing damage. Take care of them, and you will return.
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Zeil Mission I (C)

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