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 Springs Frozen Over! (C)

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Aki Ayakashi

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PostSubject: Springs Frozen Over! (C)   Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:37 pm

Request Title: Springs Frozen Over!
Rank: C
Client: Eduardo Cullen
Rewards: 7500J / 1000XP
Location: Balsam Springs
Special Requirements: N/A
Details: "Some ice wisps completely frozen our springs over! We need our spa to work. Please, help up. We will pay you handsomely."

-Take the request and go to Balsam Springs. You'll see that the are is much colder than the rest of the city.
-Meet with Eduardo, he will give you the details.
-Follow Eduardo and see that the spring is covered in ice wisps, small orb of lights that freeze things around them.
-Defeat the wisps, who once defeated will just turn back into pure mana and disappear into the nature.
-Stay around to help the cleaning a bit. Eduardo then will reward you.

Name: Eduardo Cullen
Age: 54
Description: An old looking man who is going crazy with stress the wisps caused. He will be your client.

Name: Ice Wisp (x10)
Rank: C
Description: Small orbs of light spawned from the overdose of natural mana. They have a body that is 10 centimeters in radius and fly around at the speed of 1m/s. However, once attacked, they will be much faster. They cannot fly higher than 5 meters.
Abilities: These wisps have no hearing or smell but have a sight of B-Rank. They are pretty mindless creatures just flying around watery places. They get to C-Ranked speed when attacked but cannot deal you any physical damage. They have one spell they can attack you with. They will evaporate after a C-Ranked damage.
Ice Shard: A wisp will stop in place and gather cold energy around it. 3 seconds later it will shoot it towards it's target at the speed of 10m/s. The shard deals C-Ranked damage and will pierce through skin. Might cause a small amount of bleeding. The shards will be destroyed by a C-Ranked damage or equivalent. The shards are 10 centimeters long and 5 centimeters wide.
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Springs Frozen Over! (C)

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