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 Big Boy Kidnapping! (C)

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Aki Ayakashi

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PostSubject: Big Boy Kidnapping! (C)   Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:22 pm

Request Title: Big Boy Kidnaping
Rank: C
Client: Amare Reed
Rewards: 7500J / 1000XP
Location: Oak
Special Requirements: N/A
Details: "An actor I'm in love with has been sighted around Oak! Oh please, find him and get him to me. I'll pay you dearly XOXO"

-Meet with Amare and get the details. She had stole some of her family money, and wants to have her actor for a time being.
-Make your way to the streets, ask around to get some clues and eventually, make up the actor by looking at the photo Amare will give you.
-The actor will have bodyguards. You can knock them out or kill them. However if anyone else sees your killing, you will get a bounty.
-After his bodyguards are done, he will try attacking himself. But he is much weaker.
-Knock him out, go to Amare and you will get your reward.

Name: Amare Reed
Age: 18
Description: Daughter of a rich family... You suppose it's best to not ask much. She doesn't seem to understand morel values, and just wants to see her favorite actor. She has brown hair and reddish eyes.

Name: Body Guard (x2)
Rank: B
Description: Big muscly body guards. They'll of course protect their own client.
Abilities: These bodyguard have C-Ranked smell, B-Ranked sight and hearing. They can run at C-Ranked speed, but they deal B-Ranked damage with their fists and kicks. They will take B-Rank damage before passing out. Another B-Ranked damage will kill them.

Name: Actor
Rank: C
Description: 22 years old actor who looks pretty good. After the defeat of his bodyguards he will attack you. When you deal enough damage, he will try to flirt his way
Abilities: The Actor has all of his abilities at C-Rank. He will deal C-Ranked damage with his body.
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Big Boy Kidnapping! (C)

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