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 Hunt The Globbers! (C) [LG]

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Aki Ayakashi

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PostSubject: Hunt The Globbers! (C) [LG]   Sun Mar 01, 2015 1:11 pm

Request Title: 
Rank: C
Client: Cloe Aezr
Rewards: 7500J / 1000XP
Location: Clover
Special Requirements: N/A
Details: "Globber bugs had appeared around the streets of Clover and they sure are causing some trouble. We need a mage to fight them off!"

-Take the request and make your way to your client.
-Talk with your client and hear that special kinds of water bugs had appeared around a specific art of the city, causing some trouble for people.
-Enter the are and find that they are infested with these Globbers.
-Defeat them and they will be sent back into the forests they came from as they are unconscious.
-Get your reward from Cloe

Name: Cloe Aezr
Age: 29
Description: A red haired girl with deep gray eyes. She cares a lot for Clover and is willing to pay to help the town to save it from it's dangers.

Name: Globber (X11)
Description: Globbers are huge blue bugs that are capable of short timed flights, they like water sources and usually dry plants around them. They can also shoot high pressured water from their mouths when they are threatened.
Abilities: Globbers have C-Ranked speed, sight and smelling. However, they cannot hear. They are able to shoot pressured water bursts from their mouth which will deal D-Ranked damage upon hit. The water burst goes up to 3 meters from their mouth at the speed of 5m/s. They are able to fly for 1m/s for a very short amount of time but will usually refrain from it during fighting. They will be able to withstand C-Ranked amount of damage before passing out.
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Hunt The Globbers! (C) [LG]

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