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 Darkness Magic (95,000J)

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PostSubject: Darkness Magic (95,000J)   Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:12 am


Name: Darkness Magic
Type: Caster
Magic Description: Darkness Magic is a type of caster magic that utilizes the element darkness for offensive and defensive purposes. It is believed that Darkness Magic has a tendency to corrupt its users by bringing out the more sinister aspects of their personalities. The color of the darkness incorporated depends on the user (green, purple or red).
Advantages: Darkness Magic allows its users to utilize the element of darkness in a variety of ways, much like its counterpart, Light Magic. Users of this magic can shoot beams of darkness from parts of their body, their attacks generally taking the form of a ghostly apparition.
Disadvantages: Darkness Magic, despite its fairly extensive arsenal of offensive and defensive techniques, has absolutely no healing or supportive qualities making users of this magic fairly useless in a team where everyone is expected to pull their weight by supporting one another with their abilities. This magic also seems to bring out the latent malevolence in people, making them much more cruel and sinister than they generally are.
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Darkness Magic (95,000J)

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