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 A Lover's Revenge (D)

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Z-Rank (Male)
Z-Rank (Male)
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PostSubject: A Lover's Revenge (D)   Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:18 pm

Request Title: A Lover's Revenge
Rank: D
Client: Eileen Croshaw
Rewards: 5000J / 500XP
Location: Oak, Starlight Drive
Special Requirements: N/A
Details: "I'm afraid that my boyfriend is cheating on me. I need someone to go scare him and beat him up for me."

-Meet up with Eileen and get request details.
-At night, go to the Starlight Drive and catch her boyfriend in action with another girl.
-After scaring them, the girl will run away.
-When she is gone, beat up her boyfriend and take his watch as proof.
-Return to Eileen, give her the watch and get your reward.

Name: Eileen Croshaw
Age: 32
Description: Eileen is a woman with average body and cascading dark blue hair. She will openly flirt with you if you are a male and over 18 years old when you are done with her mission. She is your client.

Name: Daisuke Edgell
Age: 34
Description: A good looking man who is a coward inside. he has no abilities and will try to run away instead of fighting you. You'll need to beat him up and get his watch. You'll get more approval from Eileen if you get his blood on the watch.
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A Lover's Revenge (D)

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