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 X. Statistics System

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PostSubject: X. Statistics System   Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:33 pm


When it comes to statistics, there are five distinct branches - strength, speed, dexterity, constitution and intelligence. Each one plays a vital role in a mage's development, so it is best that you pay attention to all five of the branches. Your character's statistics are decided at character creation. If you have a D-Rank character, your stats will be D across the board. However, if you are accepted to have a higher ranking character, then your statistics will receive a boost.

You can increase your character's statistics through the use of technique points.

STRENGTH (STR): This is your physical strength, how strong your character is physically. The extent of your physical attacks, how much you can lift, etc is determined by your strength.

D-RANK: This is the average strength of a human, a person who participates in modest, but not insanely strenuous exercise. A direct physical attack from someone with D-Rank strength could wind an opponent.

C-RANK: This is slightly above average strength for a human. A person who participates in regular exercise would have strength of his caliber. A direct physical attack from someone with C-Rank strength could lightly bruise an opponent.

B-RANK: Above average strength. Someone who participates in regular exercise and constant training would be able to reach strength of this level. A direct physical attack from someone with B-Rank strength could deeply bruise an opponent.

A-RANK: Almost superhuman strength. People who consistently push themselves to their limits will soon find that they will be able to lift heavy objects with ease. A direct physical attack from someone with A-Rank strength could lightly fracture bones.

S-RANK: Superhuman strength, characterized by breaking boulders with a single punch, bending metal objects, etc. Only someone who constantly breaks their limit (potentially getting very hurt in the process) could hope to achieve this level. A direct physical attack from someone with S-Rank strength could deeply fracture bones and organs upon impact.

SPEED (SPE): This is how fast your character can move, but not how good your reflexes are, since that is more dexterity. However, your character's speed affects the word count needed to travel from city to city by foot.

D-RANK: The speed of an average human. Stamina withstanding, a person of this speed could move up to a speed of 5m/s while sprinting. Your travel word count (while on foot) is reduced by 5%.

C-RANK: Above average human speed. People of this level would be called 'quite fast', but that's about it. In other words, they are just slightly above average. While sprinting, they could move up to speeds of 8m/s. Your travel word count (while on foot) is reduced by 10%.

B-RANK: Well above average speed. People of this speed would be considered fast, by any means of the word. When sprinting, they could speeds of 12m/s. Your travel word count (while on foot) is reduced by 12%.

A-RANK: Very fast. People at this caliber could reach speeds of 15m/s. Less perceptive people might not even see you fleeing. Your travel word count (while on foot) is reduced by 15%.

S-RANK: Incredibly fast, practically superhuman. At this level, you are in a league of your own when it comes to speed. When sprinting, you could reach speeds of 20m/s. Your travel word count (while on foot) is reduced by 20%.

CONSTITUTION (CON): How sturdy and resilient your character is. This is a measure of how much your character's body can endure before giving in. Characters of high constitution could potentially continue fighting even with lethal wounds inflicted on them.

D-RANK: Someone with the body of an average human, who has a healthy (give or take) weight for his height and age. Too much pressure on them could cause them to snap though. Drink more milk.

C-RANK: Someone with the body of an athlete. They can take more damage than average humans, and their stamina is quite good too. However, they could not handle strenuous exercise that would push them. They would not be able to withstand harsh conditions for too long.

B-RANK: Someone capable of running a full marathon, although it will definitely drain them. Their bodies are very sturdy and they can take a lot of damage before going down. If they continued to test their limits, they could easily become a very strong person. They can withstand harsh conditions.

A-RANK: After maybe years of constant training, a person could reach this level of physical fitness. Anyone with a STR level of under B could not even hope to hurt them with a physical attack. They can withstand incredibly harsh conditions.

S-RANK: A human tank, a human bear, whatever comparison you want to make. A person with this level is truly a sturdy individual. Stabbed in the abdomen? Just a small cut. Below freezing temperature? Can't even feel. Truly splendid. They can take pretty much anything you can throw at them.

DEXTERITY (DEX): Agility, reflexes, quickness. Essentially, how well your character moves. Your character's evasiveness and accuracy will be affected by how high or low this statistic is. Do not neglect it!

D-RANK: Your reflexes are fairly poor, not even average, they are actually poor and very unrefined. You literally cannot seem to dodge a thing that isn't coming at you slowly.

C-RANK: Average human reflexes. Your reaction time isn't anything special, but it isn't horribly bad either. You should have a decent chance of dodging some of the slower attacks, not that they would do much damage anyway.

B-RANK: Someone with refined reflexes. Once you get to this level of dexterity, there will be a certain fluidity in the way you move. Not only does it look good, but dodging attacks is less of a hassle, although incredibly fast techniques will still, more than likely, find their mark.

A-RANK: A person with very good reflexes. Unless the attack is at point blank range, a person of this caliber should be able to dodge slow attacks and even some fast ones.

S-RANK: A person with a phenomenal reaction time. It is as if people on this level live in a completely different state, with slow moves (under 2 points) looking like they are traveling at a snail's pace.

INTELLIGENCE (INT): Your character's intelligence, a measure of your character's problem solving ability. It affects your character's ability to comprehend foreign languages and how many techniques they can.

D-RANK: Not exactly the brightest penny in the jar. Intelligence wise, your character could be compared to Natsu. They can learn up to a total of 12 techniques for their primary magic and 8 for their secondary.

C-RANK: Average intelligence. Coupled with common sense, they are capable of learning 20 techniques for their primary magic and 12 for their secondary.

B-RANK: Above average intelligence. They are capable of learning 25 techniques for their primary and 15 for their secondary.

A-RANK: Superior intelligence. They are capable of learning 35 techniques for their primary and 18 for their secondary.

S-RANK: For the lack of a better word, a genius. They are capable of learning 50 techniques for their primary, 21 for their secondary and 21 for their tertiary. ONLY CHARACTERS WITH "GENIUS" TRAIT CAN REACH S-RANK INTELLIGENCE.

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Z-Rank (Male)
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PostSubject: Re: X. Statistics System   Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:34 pm

While STR, CON, INT, DEX and SPE are the main statistics that affect mostly battle, there will be a certain amount of 'attributes' that will affect NPC interactions, interaction with other players, random events and so on. These attributes are charm, wisdom, willpower, perception and luck. They may also affect battle, albeit in minor ways. For example, characters with high willpower will be less susceptible to techniques that affect the mind, luck will increase your chance of landing a critical hit on your opponent, while perception raises your awareness. They are mostly for the purpose of enhancing the social experience of RP though. Fighting and battles does not a RP make, and you can quote me on that.

Also, just a note. Unlike your main stats, which are determined by your character's starting rank, your character's attributes will be determined by the quality of your app. Your application's history will be read thoroughly, along with the personality and appearance. Pretty much everything will be taken into account before you are allocated your attributes. However, just because you STATE that your character is charming in your application does not mean you will get a high charm mark. It is more about how you go about stating it rather than just stating it. And another thing. Unlike your main stats, which are ranked in letters, the attributes are simply done by numbers.

CHARM: Your character's social skills. This doesn't mean that they have to be good guys, it just means that they are charming guys. Good actors, in other words. It has little to do with your character's comeliness, and it will influence NPC interactions. And who knows? Maybe you can get a discount with your charm?

WISDOM: Do not confuse your wisdom with your intelligence. You don't have to be smart to be wise. Intelligence is your character's ability to solve problems, while wisdom is practically common sense and experiences. Characters with high wisdom tend to be more worldly, and can sense another person's feelings or intentions.

WILLPOWER: Your character's mental strength. Essentially, it is mental constitution. Characters with high willpower are less likely to crack under torture, mind affecting spells. They are also less likely to go insane. They can also control their fear better than other mages.

PERCEPTION: Your character's awareness, so to speak. They are more open to their surroundings, and are more likely to find vital clues, traps or hiding enemies. Like people with high wisdom, they are also good at discerning a person's intentions or feelings. Perceptive characters are also able to hit more accurate attacks.

LUCK: Arguably the wildcard of all the attributes. Characters with high luck might get the benefit of the doubt from the Overseer and get relatively easy battles, or perhaps they might even get extra gold at the end of a mission, whereas people with low luck are likely to mistime their attacks, and so on.
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X. Statistics System

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