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 Shadow Dragon Slayer (500,000J)

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PostSubject: Shadow Dragon Slayer (500,000J)   Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:37 pm


Name: Shadow Dragon Slayer
Type: Caster
Item Description: An orb shaped lacrima that is black in color. It is said that you can see a small black dragon if you look closely into the lacrima. This lacrima can give an individual artificial Shadow Dragon Slayer magic provided they survive the implantation process.
Magic Description: Shadow Dragon Slayer is a type of lost magic that utilizes shadows. It allows the user to turn their physiology to that of a Shadow Dragon, giving them the latent ability to become a shadow that cannot be touched by normal means.
Advantages: A Shadow Dragon Slayer is able to consume shadows as a means of restoring his vigor. Shadow Dragon Slayers also have the latent ability to enter 'shadow form', which allows them to move more swiftly, dodge more effectively and utilize the element of surprise. A Shadow Dragon Slayer's shadows can be used in many ways such as being released as free form, being condensed or even molded into the shape of a weapon, making it an incredibly varied magic.
Disadvantages: A Shadow Dragon Slayer is unable to consume the shadows of a Shadow God Slayer unless under certain circumstance. Attempting to do so under normal circumstances will result in damage to the Shadow Dragon Slayer's body. A Shadow Dragon Slayer in shadow form will have increased dexterity and speed, but while in that form, they will be unable to utilize spells. If they are caught by their opponent while in shadow form, they will be vulnerable to attack.
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Shadow Dragon Slayer (500,000J)

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