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 Fairy Tail Evolution!

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Hazme Yukino

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PostSubject: Fairy Tail Evolution!   Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:45 am

Fairy Tail Evolution RP....

A place of freedom and fun.

A place full of magic and mayhem.

A place to become anything you want to be.

Join a community full of fun and nice people who you can RP with to your heart's


This Site Includes:

-Magic System
-Stats System
-Races System
-Magic Perks System
-Marriage System
-VIP System
-Level/Rank System
-Dice Rolls
-Slayer Positions
-Magic Council Positions
-Guild Master Positions
-Wizard Saint Positions
-10 Sinners Positions
-Staff Positions
-Friendly and helpful staff
-Tons of RP areas
-8 Wizard Guilds(5 legal, 3 dark)
-Evolving Site
-Chatbox Icons
-Username Glows
-Username Sparkles
And much, much more~!

If you want to join an awesome non-canon fairy tail RP site, then this is the site for


Come check us out HERE~!

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Fairy Tail Evolution!

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